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If you have a Bendigo SmartStart Super or Bendigo SmartOptions Super account you are able to use this form to allow us to search for your super!

If you need help with completing this form, or have any queries, please contact us on 1800 033 426.

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By clicking the submit button you authorise Sandhurst Trustees Limited ABN 16 004 030 0737 AFSL 237906 (Sandhurst), the trustee of the Bendigo Superannuation Plan ABN 57 526 653 420 to search for super held in your name using a facility provided by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The search will locate your super held with the ATO and/or with other super providers. Please note that any ATO held super will be automatically transferred to your super account with the Plan (Bendigo super account).

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Sandhurst is unable to perform a search unless you have provided your Tax File Number (TFN). If you have not previously provided your TFN to Sandhurst and would like to do so, please complete the ‘Tax File Number Notification’ form available at

Acknowledgements and consents

I acknowledge, consent and agree to the following:

  • I consent to Sandhurst using my personal information and Tax File Number (TFN) to search ATO records to locate superannuation amounts held on my behalf by other superannuation funds or by the ATO now and in the future and to inform me of any search results by return email.
  • I acknowledge that this consent will remain in force for as long as I hold the Bendigo super account and that I may choose to revoke this consent at any time by contacting the Client Services Team on 1800 033 426.
  • I consent to Sandhurst requesting any ATO held super that is located to be transferred to my Bendigo super account.
  • I acknowledge that the personal information I have provided will be handled in accordance with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group’s Privacy Policy and includes information about:
    • how I may seek access or seek correction of my personal information;
    • how I can complain about a breach of the privacy laws by Sandhurst and how Sandhurst will deal with a complaint