Bendigo SmartOptions

– Closed

The Bendigo SmartOptions product range offers a wide range of investment options including over 50 managed funds (including annuity funds), S&P/ASX 200 listed securities, term deposits, and cash investments. The product range includes Bendigo SmartOptions Super® and Bendigo SmartOptions Pension®.

Bendigo SmartOptions Super is a complying superannuation plan that accepts both personal and employer superannuation contributions throughout your working life. It also offers a comprehensive range of insurance options including both group life insurance and income protection.

Bendigo SmartOptions Pension can provide you with a flexible and potentially tax effective income stream in your retirement or as you transition into retirement.

This site offers the ability for you to review your account and monitor or switch your investments. Members can simply register for a login or if you have already registered please click here to login.

As Bendigo SmartOptions is closed there is no Product Disclosure Statement, however for current members information about the products, including fees and costs, investment options and insurance, if applicable, can be found here.”